Onboard inspection 

During a visit onboard all measurements are taken and our enigneer will do a 3D scan of the area where the soot filter will come.

Prefab construction

After engineering of the needed frame and exhaust parts, all is fabricated due to the highest standards in house. 

Installation  onboard

Our engineers will take care of the installation onboard, from A to Z. Frame, Soot Filter, Electrical. Even the logistics.

Commissioning & Aftersales

After installation our engineer will do a full factory commissioning of the soot filter as offficial supplier

Better measure twice & prefab once

Fluent in project management

During a day or 2 days visit onboard the situation onboard is assesed. Together with the crew we will decide what the best space is for the filters, how to route the cables, which wet exhaust system in place. All the dimensions and routings are put in paper and scanned with our 3D scanning application.

Later on, these dimensions and scans are placed in the computer and the frames and pipes are prefabricated so on board it’s a smooth puzzle.

All framing is double powder coated with 70% gloss,
Electrical all is up to class with the use of A-class components. 

Looking for a clean deck? No more sludge in the water?

The Hug E-Power, a slim retrofit option.

• Active regenerated DPF reduces up to 99%
• No water contamination by soot and oil.
• Always clean upholstery and teak.
• Fully automated DPF regeneration.
• Integrated load-bank function.

Available in several configurations, so it will always fit in the engine room. 400v and 203v compatible. 

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